It's about running a timed obstacle course with your dog. If you've never seen an Agility competition, don't wait to check it out. Hurry to the next AKC agility trial. It is great fun to watch, great exercise, and the dogs have a wonderful time.

Agility is an ever increasing popular activity. So much so that various events are added yearly. There are a number of folks in our club who compete in these events. Some may be sharing information on this web site as well. So keep checking back with us from time to time for new items.

If you have Agility questions, or interested in knowing how to get started. Please contact the club by email at, we will point you in the right direction.

Our Special Events/Clinics website section may be of interest to you. Throughout the year, we host seminars and classes on various topics that are interesting to dog owners. These gatherings are an excellent way to find get information and to decide whether you would enjoy a particular activity with your dog.

If you are interested in up coming agility trials the following links may be of use:


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