hunt tests

To learn about the American Kennel Club Hunt Test Rules, click here.

Hunt Test Handling

There are three different test levels that make up an AKC Hunt Test. Dogs entered in these test do not compete one against the other, but must achieve a passing score by providing a performance acceptable to the rules for the test level entered. A dogs performance will be judged by two accredited AKC Hunt Test judges. The following are the levels for Hunt Test:

  1. Junior
  2. Senior
  3. Master

The following performances will be judged during the test:

  1. Hunting
  2. Pointing
  3. Bird finding ability
  4. Honoring
  5. Retrieving
  6. Trainability

Honoring and Retrieving are not required for Junior Test. A junior dog may do these things but will not gain points for either of these demonstrations.

Helpful Hints

For a detailed list of helpful hints, please click here.


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