While an AKC registered dog may give you some assurance that the dog you are looking at is purebred, it tells you nothing about the dogs temperament, ability, intelligence or trainability. AKC has devised ways a dog owner can prove to anyone the ability and usefulness of a dog. This proof is through AKC shows, trials and test. Through these things dogs compete one against the other or complete task following set guidelines. A dog upon completion of competition level receives a title which is recorded with AKC and attached to the dogs registered name.

There are many different types and levels of competitions which a dog may be entered: some which all breed may enter and some breed specific.

Each step in the AKC obedience compactions is designed to be more difficult. The obedience titles a dog achieves is proof to everyone of the dogs intelligence and trainability. While some take obedience competition very serious most do it to keep their dogs occupied. The more things you teach your dog the more things he will be able to learn.


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