Benefits of Working with Vizsla Rescue

There are numerous personal benefits gained from working with a dog rescue group. You can become much attuned to evaluating animals. You gain experience in treating negative behavior and in turn become a much better pet owner yourself. However along with satisfaction and joy there are heartaches involved in this task.

First: There is a need for people to go and evaluate candidates requiring rescue. This involves determining if an animal fits the description of our rescue program. Then comes trying to discover the history of animal. A quick evaluation of the animal is made and then a decision is made whether to accept the animal. It must be noted that not every contact we receive leads to a candidate for our rescue program.

Evaluation: With help and direction from experienced club members you learn to evaluate a dogs temperament and how to adjust certain behaviors it might have. We encounter some dogs with sever behavioral issues. We encounter dogs with sever health issues. are not have the amenities to take on sever behavioral cases. We don't have unlimited time or resources and can not allow our rescue program to become a dumping ground for everyone's problem.

Foster care: Each dog taken into our program comes with a unique history. There is the huge problem in finding foster homes for these dogs. Providing a foster home for a rescue Vizsla could give you great satisfaction and pleasure.

Medical: You learn how to detect and treat ailments animals might have. Some animals come to us with medical problems. Some have such severe problems that we just can't afford to take on. On occasion you might be asked to take a dog to one of our rescue veterinarian clinics.

Experienced rescue program volunteers perform many of the services normally provided by responsible breeders. These duties include:

  • Evaluate families to determine the type of dog that will fit their lifestyle and interest.
  • Obtain an experienced veterinary assessment of the dog's health and needed medical care.
  • Evaluate a dogs temperament and behavior to see what type of home best suits the dog.
  • Assure that dogs are spay or neutered before adoption.
  • Provide one year of our club members support for activities, training and networking with other Vizsla owners.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with our club rescue program, please contact:

Peggy Ross at 281-356-7350 or