DONATIONS TO THE Vizsla rescue of texas

As of January 2016, our rescue program is now under the auspices of the newly-formed Vizsla Rescue of Texas.  The TGC Vizsla Club and the Trinity Valley Vizsla Club (TVVC) have joined together to strengthen our support to Vizslas in the state of Texas.

The Vizsla Rescue of Texas (VRT) is designed to provide medical, foster care and placement of unwanted Vizslas. This program is operated by the generosity of our club members, the members of the TVVC, and others who love the breed. Rescue operating expenses are covered from raffles, donations and adoption fees.

Many miscellaneous rescue expenses are born by our clubs rescue volunteers. All monies entering our club earmarked for rescue are accounted separately from the clubs general funds. Rescue funds are never used for club activities, but some club activities are held strictly for rescue benefit. You are assured that any rescue donations received by our club will be used for that task, and are appreciated by our members. Contact Peggy Ross at 281-356-7350 or for more information.

Donations may be made at our monthly meetings or by mail to:

Vizsla Rescue of Texas

c/o Jan Nuzzo, Treasurer

12435 Meadow Lake Lane

Houston, TX  77077



South Louisiana Vizsla Club

Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation